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Grave Complex is a unique fusion of genres: survival, tower-defense, and rogue-like. Follow the directives of a cantankerous and amusing scientist to discover hidden truths about your existence.

It becomes clear that civil society is over but you can't seem to remember how. In truth you can't seem to remember much of anything. The only thing you can do is push forward. After all, why argue with the strange voices in your head?


  • Follow the directives of a (fully voiced) cantankerous and amusing scientist
  • Kill zombies to obtain crystals, which can be spent on skills and items after each death.
  • Search abandoned houses, and other points of interest to yield resources, recipes, weapons and clothing.
  • Craft upgraded food, clothing and weapons at workstations placed in the world.
  • Play both sides of a tower defense game:
    • as an operative for the scientist, use gathered resources to set up defenses to complete the scientist’s objectives
    • as a zombie, summon other zombies to assault bases and defeat their defenses


Beard Logic
Based In Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada

Release Date
Steam: May 17th, 2021
Andriod: Out Now!



PC: USD 9.99
Mobile: USD 4.99

About Beard Logic

Beard Logic is a small indie game studio with a focus on the gamer. Our goal is to create compelling and immersive game experiences. The company is essentially a ‘one man with an impressive beard’ operation.

The studio is run by Marc Stiver. Prior to founding Beard Logic, he would spend his spare time working on his own games and contemplating a future where he could do it full time. Following a series of life-altering events, which included surviving leukemia and the untimely deaths of several family members, he decided to take a risk and quit his job in order to devote himself to developing games full time.

Following his dream has not been easy. He had to take on every aspect of game development, from programming to promotions. Grave Complex is the culmination of several years of struggles and lessons learned.